Ear Popping

Uncomfortable Ear Popping


The uncomfortable ear popping is a problem that can arise due to a variety of reasons in the body. The problem of ear popping is related to the sudden popping sound that comes from the ears, and it usually leads to discomfort and, in the worst cases, damage to the ear. While most people choose to ignore the problem of ear popping, it is essential that the problem is heeded to. In order to understand the problem of ear popping, let’s take a look at the common causes of ear popping. Here is a list of a few ear popping causes that can help in understanding this problem.


What Causes Ear Popping?


Ear popping is a problem that is caused due to the difference in pressure between the middle ear and outside the ear. In the usual cases, the pressure in the middle ear is equal to the pressure that is outside the body. The Eustachian tube is an important connection between the middle ear and the throat that helps in the adjustment of this pressure inside the middle ear. Whenever you yawn or swallow, the Eustachian tube opens, allowing air to come in and adjust the pressure in the middle ear. This is why you might notice that ears pop when swallowing. However, whenever there is a blockage in the Eustachian tube, the pressure cannot be maintained. Over time, this condition can lead to major problems with the ear drum. If you are experiencing ear popping too often, it is essential that you visit a doctor regarding it. Perforated ear drum, damaged ear drum, infection in the ears and loss of hearing are some problems that can arise due to the problem of ear popping.


Ear Popping Remedies


In order to treat the recurring problem of ear popping, you would have to perform some simple activities. Most of them are related to freeing up the Eustachian tube so that it can carry out its task effortlessly. Chewing gum, sucking on candy and yawning are some common exercises that can work out the Eustachian tube. In case you are experiencing chronic ear popping, you would have to visit a doctor for analyzing the situation. There are some medical methods, medications and surgical options available for taking care of a severe case of ear popping.

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